Emily Ganuelas

When I first saw NBA’s ad on Facebook, I was hesitant, but then I know myself and I trust myself. So I said to myself “why not?”, I did the application and then I called the number. The person who answered were very helpful and took the time to listen to my story. I have been battling with my injury since 2011. Long term disability was no help to me, if anything they were causing more problems with my injury by causing me stress that I closed my account in order to heal. I did heal and less stress for sure, But it cost me a lot of money for my treatment. I would spend $500 a week on treatment for the next 1.5 year on top of my cost of living. I had to quit my job and can never go back to the type of work because of the severity of my injury. I have maintained my injury through physio and massage, exercise and proper diet. But then my income is less and lots of change to accommodate my injury. My injury is spinal cord injury through work. What little I was compensated for at work is nothing compare to what I am facing daily for the rest of my life. I never knew about tax disability until NBA explained how it works. I accepted their service and NBA kept in touch with me through the whole process. I paid all the doctors note etc to get all the proper documents. Once everything was done, it was just a matter of waiting for approval. I knew that I would get approved because of my consistency and base on my problem. NBA did a great job by keeping me informed and working on my application. It took almost 4 months then one day I saw $7472.99 in my account. I was disappointed with what the Gov’t approved me for, I was expecting more, but then I said to myself, something is better than nothing. I paid the 30% to NBA as agreed. Thank you NBA for your work and effort. I would definitely recommend NBA to people who may not be aware.