Testimonial for Sylvia White

Sylvia White

I’d been trying for years to claim my son’s disability and always got rejected time and time again. The costs of me staying home to assist him when he wasn’t having a good day were piling up and my job wasn’t so understanding. In the end I had to start my own business so I could have more flexible hours so I could be around when he needed me. It still took it’s toll on our financials. I then learned about the NBA, and decided what to I have to lose? I’ve received nothing so far… why not try. So I did and I must stay I couldn’t’ be happier with the service I received! Even with the CRA being slow in processing my claim the NBA pushed through and got my family the much needed funds to help us with the financial struggle I had been facing. I can spend more time with my son when he needs me and I won’t have to worry about bill so much. Thanks NBA, you did us a world of good!